“…take delivery of a consignment of German sausage???” (Prince George, in “Blackadder the Third”)

September 14, 2007

I got home to find a notice from Australia Post saying they’d tried to deliver a parcel but no-one was home. It’s a friday night, and I don’t remember my local post office being open saturday morning, so collecting and getting started on the AFVs (armoured fighting vehicles) will have to wait until monday.

I continued work on a piece of terrain I’ve been slowly doing in between the troops and some earlier jobs. The terrain is a ruined brick house with snowdrifts. Having done most of the painting already, last night I used PVA glue / wood glue to apply some earth-coloured flock and green blend flock to represent earth and grass. I wasn’t happy with the outcome, so added some thicker flock tonight, as well as model train ballast to represent soot and charcoal from fire damage. The thicker flock should hopefully represent weeds. If all is well tomorrow, I can apply a matt varnish overcoat and then highlight the snow on the piece – and it will be finished.


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