Ready the men 3

September 29, 2007

The uniforms are now done. As a historian, I decided to doublecheck my understanding of winter uniforms issued 1942+.

…am I glad I did! In 1942, the winter uniform was issued – it was mouse-grey on one side and reversible to snow-white. This reversibility was essential on the Eastern Front. It was in 1943 that they were issued the more popular winter uniform, which was splinter cammo on one side and snow-white on the other.

So, I had a choice. The Caeser figures had to be one or the other. Now, I already have a few sprues of Revell’s Late War German Infantry whom I’ll work on once I’ve got one company done. Since they are much more deserving of cammo (which was uncommon, unway) then it makes sense to do my Caeser figs with the mouse-grey reversible.

After some reading of books and researching of WW2 re-enactor websites, I had the two firmly in my mind – the M42 mouse-grey reversible winter uniform and the splinter cammo. So, since I’m going with mouse-grey, I had to find matching colours.

It was actually fairly acurate and practical to use another coat of Codex Grey on the Ceaser figures, then do a highlighting drybrush with a mix of Codex Grey and Space Wolves Grey. When dry, I placed the two lots of troops together, and checked.

Here are the results for you to look at, over at my Flickr acount.

Those on the left are the ESCI figures, wearing the greenish-grey uniforms already mentioned. There on the right are the Caeser figs in the mouse-grey winter uniforms. They look more ash-grey, which means I did it.

To relax, I distracted myself by working on some hills and a nice captured BZ-35 for them to use to refuel their Marder III H’s with.

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