Gather ye sources while ye may 1

October 13, 2007

Over at LibraryThing, I’ve not only listed my 6 most useful books for this project, but also joined the Second World War History group.

Oh yes, and as two asides, I’ve put a Live Bookmark on fellow WordPress blog Wargames: Painting and Modelling, so I’ll now when Issue 3 of his free magazine is out! I’ve also subscribed to the The Battlegames Blog, which is also here on WordPress, just to see what the difference is between subscribing and RSS feeding. Yes, both of these are on my Blogroll, but sometimes I can’t always check…

There is no worthwhile way DIGG could contribute to this project. This project doesn’t need the latest news or news-related items. It needs hobby information, research information and the like. Hence the course of action taken above – subscribe to useful blogs and websites where that information is published.

Right. Computer off, back to painting and assembling…


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