Gather ye sources while ye may 2

October 15, 2007

Found some very nice photos of World War Two re-enactors over at Facebook. Looking at re-enactors is a great way of seeing colour schemes and camoflage, as they try extremely hard to be accurate (unlike in many big-budget movies where the audience is expected to have no knowledge) – they are pretty tough with eachother on accuracy, too.

Over at MySpace, I found a group for female WW2 re-enactors. Extremely few women choose to re-enact WW2, so I’m glad to have found it! Women fought with great distinction as fighter pilots and snipers for Russia during WW2, but were also important in auxilliary roles too. Useful reference for later, once I’ve got my troops ready battle.

Work continued on the BZ-35 and the minute detail of the German troops (helmet chinstraps etc.). I want the mortars and a couple of squads ready for November’s game (deadlines help me work!)

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