Tankoberg 1 (and the Bismarck)

October 19, 2007

While already having expressed my eagerness for issue 3 of Wargames:Painting and Modelling (by a fellow WordPress blogger), I have made a start on “getting tank tracks right”. Issue 2 had some great suggestions about tanks, but I’m trying out a number of things before deciding what I’ll make as my standard. – Speaking of that expression of interest, actually doing it was much the same as doing it on discussion boards/forums I’ve belonged to and still belong to. Do I like the having my words said everywhere? Makes you think more carefully about what you say.

I have been following advice from Doug Chaltry and experimenting at home with his technique. I think I made my first set too dark. So now I’m trying with lighter grey as the base colour.

This is certainly a big improvement on me just lazily doing all metal in Citadel’s Shadow Grey.

Progress continues with model hills. I had carved some styrofoam and undercoated it, now with two of 6 hills I’m flocking, finalising and sealing. Then I have a ruined railway station to work on. I found (through Technorati) some detailed photos of bombed buildings at the Merseyside Maritime Museum (whom have a small library) and an interesting blog post about the famous German WW2 battleship, Bismarck – they have some relics from both it and the British battleship, HMS Hood. I found preparing the bombed, ruined railway station far harder then it should be – hopefully these photos will give some inspiration.


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