One battle is won; Tankoberg gearing up

October 25, 2007


A whole platoon and the platoon HQ are now based. All that remains is to paint the bases a nice earth colour, glue on some flock to represent grass; glue on some model bushes, and they can be played with.

I’m very happy with the colouring, the uniforms and the amount of detail. They look far better than my Russians.

Both sets of mortars are done, too – 1 section of 81mm mortars and 2 bases of 120mm mortars. The realistic poses of the crews mean I’ll be buying more, if just to use unused crew figures to man the PaK 38’s and PaK 40’s I got in my HobbyTerra order last month.

Over in Tankoberg, I decided on the outcome of the Doug Chaltry technique on tracks painted Codex Grey compared to the outcomes on the painted Chaos Black or my Panzer Grey blend. I had bought two secondhand ESCI SdKfz 251’s, so I’ve begun applying the technique to the tracks on those, to see a working sample. I can always (and probably will) buy more 251’s…especially since Caeser Miniatures have indicated they are working on a range of 1/72 PanzerGrenadiers.


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