Gather ye sources while ye may 3

October 29, 2007

One of the most popular current sources of material for wargamers are books from Osprey Publishers. Interesting to see that a fair portion of them can be sampled online through Google Book Search, such as Heroines of the Soviet Union 1941-45. Dunno if this is a good thing – in this hobby, spending hours browsing through shops is one of its many pleasures. Coldly looking online – I guess it works for some, especially those enthusiasts in remote location. If a title happens to have the colour spread you want (a major reason to buy these books), then that’s the jackpot right there – but so many others will miss out on some revenue. Hmm.

On a related topic, Google Book Search points to a free copy of The Art of War by Sun Tzu.Why not just go to Project Gutenberg and get it in various formats (including audio book) from there?

Basing is progressing well. Tonight, many of the bases will be glued, flocked and some basic scenic effects applied. Half of a modular hill will go to the spare room for final flocking and glue-sealing.

Over in Tankoberg, the two 251 Cs’ tracks came up beautifully from the Doug Chaltry technique. I wasn’t so wrapped with my inking – may see about fixing that tonight.


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