November 1, 2007

Some weeks ago I placed an order for some Italeri tanks and AFV’s, to swell my existing meagre collection. Well, I swelled the order yesterday, asking for more German Infantry and more SdKfz 251/1c’s. Italeri have the licences for many of the ESCI moulds, so they are nice kits to buy, assemble, paint and play with.

There is a determined group of Panzerfaust:Iron Fist players in Brisbane. I suppose if I headed up there for a game, that I could organise some army lists, save them on Google Docs, then just print them out when I got there. However, since USBs and even 3.5 diskettes are still pretty small and will add practically nothing to my luggage weight restrictions, why bother with Google Docs? Just print the pages out, slide them in between the leaves of my copy of the rulebook and off I go. Heck, just e-mail them up there and let them print them out!

Laziness and home PC issues have halted any progress on what’s on my modelling table. Tonight, I must flock those infantry bases…


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