Get flocked

November 5, 2007

Saturday involved lots of flock, coarse turf, ballast and other ingredients being applied to the bases of Company A 1st Platoon, the accompanying mortar section and some new hills. So, lots got done.

Unfortunate that I got so much done, because sunday would’ve been the perfect day to do it all – it rained nearly all day, my favourite hobby weather. Couldn’t apply the final spray-on coat of protective varnish. Couldn’t spray on undercoat onto the next platoon of unpainted figures or AFV’s. All I could really do was apply some washes as advised by Brent Watterson in fellow WordPress publication Wargames painting and modelling issue 2. A waste of some good hours! So I went online to find some information about an old war boardgame I hope to sell.

Last week, while thinking about presenting information online, I created my own iGoogle website. I added some services and a gadget. Spent an hour in frustration trying to add, then just trying to find, something worthwhile to add to it in order that it justified it’s existence. Then I compared the finished result to my own existing website (with another server and ISP). Later that day I cancelled my iGoogle page. It wasn’t powerful or “personable” enough.

Now, I’m no HTML monkey. My existing website was created with MicroSoft Frontpage and still is, along with one or two tiny bits of extra code I’ve stumbled across along the way or read on “beginners guides to HTML” websites. The WYSIWYG of Frontpage offers far more than iGoogle did. My iGoogle site seemed to just be a sort of portal, I couldn’t write or weave my own slabs of material onto it. It certainly didn’t allow me to fashion it around a detailed subject. It had to go, and did, the same day.

So for now, it’s just this blog and my existing website.


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