“That crazy Mulligan, he’s dropping them all over the place!” – Crapgame, “Kelly’s heroes”

November 13, 2007

The 81mm mortars were finished with a touch of Testors Dullcote for protection and the blacking-in of the mortars’ mouths. They too can now hit the table for a game of Panzerfaust. Two small hills were also finished – because of my interest in building them to be modular, they can stand alone or be placed on top of the hills I created back in October. I now have enough hills, but my addiction to hill-making fought hard last night, and I nearly asked around the club if anyone had some spare polystyrene they don’t want so I could make more hills…that creative urge, it’s a tough one to battle!

Working on the vehicles is continuing in fits and starts – a bit like German machinery during the Winter months on the Eastern Front (many of them froze over or seized up). I’m working with weak washes to bring about the appearance of oil staints and mud stains.

The two 251/1c’s are going to be used as mobile FAOs, with the ordered 251’s to be the “good” ones, used as APCs in-game (their proper role ^_^). Tonight I’ll boil and clean some cavalry FAOs whom I have gathered using leftover Russian horses, leftover troops from the 251’s and rifles cut off the hands of the Caeser infantrymen who were too defective for me to paint.

I want these 3 vehicles finished really soon, as I want to start work on something directly useful, the Marder III tankhunters I got in my order.


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