Learn to paint miniatures at a library!

November 26, 2007

How cool is this? While going through a blog about Web 2.0 and Library 2.0, the author (Susan Mellott) had a link to a video called “Miniature Mayhem”. Intrigued, I had a look:

While fun in itself, it is actually advertising a miniatures painting service that is run in libraries! “Awesome”, I thought of this concept, “I could blend both my loves!”

(The voice actress for the video did a great job, BTW).

Of course, this diverted me from Susan’s writings about Library 2.0 and what it could be and what it could offer (which is lots of things). Still, it’s an innovative and cheap way for a library to advertise itself – just a little bit of work, and then throw it on YouTube. Oh, and get people like me to link to it – outstanding viral marketing!

Then others can go to YouTube and see other videos about painting techniques and so on. After all, reading is one way to learn, but good miniature paintjobs involve practice and also learning from others. For some, YouTube can be a substitute for not directly learning from someone.


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