Two steps forward, one step back

December 12, 2007

For some reason, I had painted all grenade & entrenching tool handles in Desert Yellow rather than Bubonic Brown. A part of last night was spent correcting this as well as painting hands. This error must be due to all the Desert Yellow getting splashed around on the Marder, which already is looking great. Through careful brushwork, I’m keeping the gaps between the sheet metal blackened/in shadow yet also showing a slight “respraying” effect, which is super. Now I can do all the tracks, add on the mudguards and finally build the firing cab, then do all the last painting.

…what have I done with the steps for painting and weathering tracks that I used successfully on those two 251’s?!! I was using Doug Chaltry’s guide (linked to in a previous post), but had modified it slighty…I don’t think I wrote down the modifications! Well, there’s my homework for tonight.


My opponent Peter and I are aware of a new release from Italeri, the Zis-3 AT gun (with crew). Looks great! Annoys Peter, who has bought the same thing from a rival company but had to buy crews from yet another company. Will I have to do the same thing with my Roden PaK38’s and PaK40’s?


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