“2nd Platoon – wait for it, wait for it…”

December 18, 2007

2nd Platoon is being based and there’s nearly enough painted figures left over for the first section of 3rd Platoon. This means I have to prep, paint and base nearly the same amount of figures again! The Panzerfaust:Iron Fist rules state that the Company HQ is represented by an HQ base, “0-2 LMG teams and 1-2 Rifle teams”. Since I like doing all the options for an army, I’ll be doing those 2 LMG teams and two Rifle teams, not the compulsory one. It’s good, however, to see a big batch of finished troops being moved off the table. Means I can concentrate on those Marder III’s & Opel Blitzes.

The two 251/1c’s I bought secondhand are nearly ready for use as FAOs. Photos to come very soon.

Online miniature wargaming magazine Wargames: Painting & Modelling has moved to a new home, so update your links. Issue 3 is nearly available – some thumbnails are available to view.


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