Production report from Tankoberg

January 18, 2008

The first UM Marder III is currently undergoing some final detail painting before I drybrush on a heavy dust coat and then fresh mud, before applying matt varnish and calling it ready for action.

Because I’m doing “bit piece” painting on that first one, I’ve begun the process of assembly for the other three that I bought, to make a platoon of four. Following the instruction sheet, steps 1 and 2 call for the glueing of the towing hooks to the frame. With the first kit, I found the holes to insert the tow hooks were far too small for the pins.

Using a fine drillbit, I’ve widened them and now the pins on the tow hooks have fitted in very well.

This was a big headache. The next big headache will be getting the wheels to fit on and align properly…


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