Decals on the Marder and the Opel Blitz

January 24, 2008

I have applied a camouflage scheme to the prototype Marder which I’m happy with and moved on to applying the decals. The decals for the Balkankreuz went on reasonably well, but you can see too much of the decal outline once it’s on and the glue has dried. This will mean having to do some careful drybrushing of a dust layer in order to try and hide that outline. I also had a go at applying the “kill markers” decal to the gun barrel, just behind the muzzle brake. This was a complete failure – the decal itself is too big and, once you’ve wetted it to apply it, is too fragile to trim to a correct size and fit! After some swearing I removed it and applied the kill markers just using a 20/0 brush and Skull White.

The decals for the white Stalhelm indicating GrossDeutschland went on to the Opel Blitz fairly well, but the numberplate decals didn’t. The front numberplate has raised plastic, so you can’t apply a decal on it as it doesn’t glue. The rear numberplate decal doesn’t fit on the rear numberplate piece! So, tonight I’ll have a go at them myself with the 20/0 and some Chaos Black.

The other Marders are having wheels and tracks glued on.


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