February 2, 2008

Little has been happening over at Tankoberg. Both the Marder and Opel Blitz’s are at stages where I cannot continue because I’m waiting for decals from a vendor. I want a platoon of Marders – but there are only 2 numbers provided. So, I’m going to buy decals of complete platoon and company numbers, apply them – then I can apply the dust layer and they are done.

I’ve also been lucky to go away for a long weekend, which helped feed my lazy nature.

Tracks have been glued onto the main drive wheels – all those single links around the drive wheels, necessitating a lot of glue. So I’ve been doing it in short bursts, as the glue fumes can be dangerous when inhaled – it’s certainly given me headaches a couple of times I didn’t open a window and turn a fan on to push the fumes outside.

I’m repainting the tracks on two Airfix StuG III’s with saukopf mantlets I bought pre-assembled from NWA. All my stuf must be at the same standard! Then I’ll go back and do all my Russians.

Undercoated the final platoon and the HQ teams for my German Infantry company today, too.


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