Them Marder III’s

March 4, 2008

Some additional comments regarding those Marder III’s, discovered during painting:

1) Painting under the wheels is really difficult. I probably should have done that after glueing on the wheels but before glueing on the track. I think that’s what I did before…but I’m not sure. Oh well. These ones will have to have some extra mud spattered around to cover up lesser paintwork.

2) Painting the rear grille requires good lungs – to breathe hard and make sure the paint doesn’t block up the holes, removing the grille effect.

3) Using a black undercoat gives the impression that vehicles were originally in their Field Grey and were since resprayed when the “3 colour system” came in in 1943. This is fine if that’s the effect you want. It’s the effect I get because I’m using Chaos Black in a spraycan, lazy sod that I am. I guess that when it comes to doing Tigers, Panthers or Hetzers, I’ll have to find some other undercoat-in-a-can.

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