3rd Platoon to get flocked

April 15, 2008

It was New Year’s Day when I last updated you properly about the infantry I’ve been doing alongside the AFVs and vehicles. It seems like it’s taken forever to do them, but on the weekend I finally finished all the painting for 3rd Platoon and the Company HQ bases. Last night they were glued to bases and tonight the good old Kayak brown paint (also used for hill-making) was slopped on liberally. I also ended up with 3 times the same amount of painted guys who didn’t end up on bases, and now will have no home or love. What was I thinking?!

During the Easter extended holiday, I zoomed around a number of hobby shops looking for Woodlands Scenics T49, their Green Blend flock in a 50 cu.in. bag, which I’ve been using as grass on: bases for nearly all my figures (whether WW2 or not); hills; other bits of terrain…and found nary a pinch across all my favoured vendors (5 across metro Melbourne). So now I’m going to be in a holding pattern with finishing them and a hill I’ve been doing on the side, whilst I wait for new shipments of flock to arrive.

This means that I now have time to do the ESCI Opel Blitz and the ESCI 3-ton Half-track (Hanomag) I’ve got, as well as doing the 6 HAT Armourfast MG43 MMG (medium machinegun) teams to support the Infantry and three ACE PaK 38 anti-tank guns that were in the big order from HobbyTerra. Variety – the spice of life.

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