Some thoughts – ESCI Opel Blitz & ACE Pak 38

April 20, 2008

ESCI: “Gee, this has been really easy to make, and still has plenty of detail! Why couldn’t the Roden kit have been this straightforward?!”

ACE: “ARGH!!! Damn it! The actual pieces don’t have the detail on them that the instruction sheet says they should have!!! How am I meant to secure the gun barrel to the rest of the frame when these three pieces don’t have the pins on them for securing the barrel, that the instruction sheet says they should???” ………..and then, later on: “ARGHHH! Not more problems! Now I have to use pieces of wire (not supplied, of course – why the Hell would they, if their pieces don’t match the instructions?!) and I can’t get beyond the middle stage without using wire! What’s more, I can’t use any old wire….” (check my supply of wire): “Too thin!!! It’ll have to wait until next bloody weekend! Bah, not worth it, this kit! If I hadda known, I would’ve waited for and bought the Italeri kit, it even comes with gun crews!”


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