The Blitz is over

April 23, 2008

Last night, all glueing and assembly of the ESCI Opel Blitz was completed. I compared it to the Roden that I finished a few months ago. The ESCI was very easy to assemble and had good detail, but it lacked the extras that the Roden had – such as the wing mirrors; rests for the shovel and pick; no cab-mounted spotlight.

I wondered if I should have done it as an open-top – ie., that I hadn’t glued the tarpaulin over the tray. Too late now.

I wonder if the Opel Blitz re-released by Italeri has had those little bits of nice extra detail included? Maybe sometime in the future I’ll need a few more trucks. ..

I also have had a couple of nights working on the ESCI Hanomag. Plenty of good detail but still fast and straightforward to assemble. It is definitely being done without it’s tarpaulin – after all, the crew are all in shorts and short sleeves, so it makes sense. I’m tempted to do a mid 1943 camoflage scheme – stripes of Dark Yellow over the traditional Dark Grey. I’m not intending to have lots of Hanomags, so this one can afford to be a little more “unique” and time-restricted, since they will hardly ever be used in play.

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