Structural integrity

June 17, 2008

A few careless snips with the sprue-cutters/side-cutters and incisions with the scalpels have resulted in me having to do a lot of extra glueing for the Opel Maultiers. Can I blame the Roden kit for this? Not really.

Some of the poor cutting was due to not thinking through which order to cut a piece from the sprue, which resulted in that piece becoming warped from the pressure when cutting at a different connector to the sprue. Others were due to poor handling when filing irregular surfaces to a smooth, equal surface. Only one was due to the piece being too thin to be perfectly separated from the sprue.
I’ve been a little worried if this recent fixing of damaged parts with liberal amounts of glue will affect the integrity of the finished product. I could have become extremely technical, trying to add splints of brass wire to reinforce sections – but it’s going to be only me using these kits, and I like to think I’m pretty careful with my handling. Hopefully, then, all will be OK.

I did notice the rear caterpillar track sprocket axle frame was out of place on one of the three Maultiers. I must have let it slide out of position due to assuming the glue had already hardened enough to prevent shifting. A bit of scalpel work, some extra plastic cut off the sprue to give it new positioning and liberal amounts of glue – sorted!


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