One, then the others

June 20, 2008

For much of the time I’ve been working on these Maultiers, I’ve been assembling them simultaneously. Since I’m now putting major parts together and building up the caterpillar track drive system, I’ve decided to only forge ahead on one, so that I can make sure I’m doing the right thing (and can quickly enact changes if not). Then the other two can be (hopefully perfectly) assembled.

A problem: the bogies wouldn’t fit on their axles. Out came the mini-drillbits and the scalpels to drill and resize everything so that I had a snug fit. It was time-consuming because I had to be very careful with whittling down the axles with the scalpel…I didn’t want to have to deal with breakages and heavy re-glueing, as discussed in my previous post.

Painting up the PaK 38 gun crews and 120mm mortar crews is moving swiftly and smoothly.

As an unhistorical aside, I’m debating about going to see Mongol. I have high standards ever since seeing Jing ke ci qin wang / the Emperor and the Assassin. But – I haven’t been to the movies for a while, so perhaps I should…


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