More of ponds and Panzers

October 19, 2008

Click on it and have a look at it in a larger format. I took seven photos and this was the only one that did it justice. Sorry that the half-assembled Revell Tiger isn’t at all visible in this photo – it was in the other six that were rejected.

My verdict on my handiwork? Well, this is a damn good first go using Mr Lloyd’s techniques. It’s not a bad pond – its actual placement and use during a Panzerfaust: Iron Fist game will be its final test.

Particulars: I’ve used four fairly thick layers of Citadel’s ‘Ardcoat for the water (and hence the glossy shine on it’s surface). This has come out fairly well, except that the ‘Ardcoat stayed where it was brushed and didn’t completely flatten out and cover the entire flat base. So, if you look extremely closely, you’ll see that the water is in fact raised off the edge of the pond bottom. Given that I’m talking about a milimetre from the edge and about a milimetre of height, and most wargaming is not done in full sunlight, it’ll never be seen. But as a piece of my handiwork – I guess I’m being tough on myself. When doing water features previously, I had used Woodland Scenics’ Realistic Water which, if you read the description once you’ve clicked on that link, is self-levelling. After application, it flattens out and covers the entire bottom. It requires many layers until you’re happy, though, and certainly has a longer curing/drying time than ‘Ardcoat. Still, with the set of swamps I have in mind to start on soon, I’m going to buy a bottle and see if I am happier with it than just using varnish.

The other particulars – the Citadel colours used (from centre of the pond, spreading out) are Dark Angels Green, Snot Green and finally Goblin Green. Drybrushing the crusty dried mud was done with Kommando Khaki.

The Tigers mentioned earlier have finally had more productive work done to them. I’ve applied the glacis plate (having put two layers of black paint underneath the engine vent grilles first!) and have applied the rear and side mudguards plus the jacks. Applying the side mudguards invloved some drilling. I’m not sure why, but on all four kits so far, the holes for joining the mudguards to the hull are visible inside the model, but somehow during moulding, the plastic has flowed over the holes from the outside and sealed them over again. A hobby hand-drill with an extremely fine bit allowed me to neatly re-open them. Certainly, these Revell kits have lovely detail and I’m looking forward to viewing (and then using, of course) the finished product. In a forum I occasionally visit, there has been discussion again about the Revell Panzer V Panthers and their accuracy…well, for wargaming, these kits are looking fine by me. I’m slowy buying up some Panthers. They will have to wait, because first I am going to do my recently-purchased MAC kits and some Revell (1:76 scale) Jagdpanthers.


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