Track links on Tiger turrets – “survey says…”

October 28, 2008

A day or two of pleasant research later and I can conclude that I will be affixing all track links to the turrets, as is recommended on the instruction sheet. My research into track links on Tiger turrets involved a few different sources, the most useful being:

  • Allied-Axis (the photo journal of the Second World War) issue 6, which had a whole section on Tiger I’s in action;
  • Panzer Colours 1, 2 and 3 by Bruce Culver & Bill Murphy (published by Squadron Signal);
  • Encyclopedia of German tanks of World War Two by Peter Chamberlain & Hilary Doyle;
  • Tiger in action by Bruce Culver and published by Squadron Signal; and
  • The Jagdtiger website, in particular this page.

Tiger in action, a concise yet wonderful book, clearly affirmed on page 8 that mid-production Ausf. E’s had brackets factory-fitted on the turret sides for holding spare track links and included two wonderful photos of a unit with the brackets leaving the Henschel factory (but without any links having been stowed there). I’m not going to argue with this…Squadron Signal are excellent historians.

In terms of the Revell kits I’m working on, this means that I’ll finish all assembly (except the links) of the turrets, paint the turrets, then glue on the links. I’ll try to paint the links while still on thier sprues and then touch up once glued on. As a final touch, some of the track links will then have their outer surface painted with Dark Yellow and Red Brown…a practice carried out by individual crews whom had excess paint and cared about camouflage.

Allied-Axis issue 6 showed that there was plenty of field modifications to provide extra stowage. So, like I did to my StuG, I’ll be adding on brackets and mountings on the rear of the hull for stowage of jerry cans and the like…

Tiger in action page 34 showed a picture of a Tiger going past a Schwimmwagen. The Schwimmwagen is camouflaged on the upper surface (above the waterline), but the colours used are not discussed. I think it’s mottling (or clumps) in both green and brown, but I cannot be sure. Next Schwimmwagen I do will copy this example.


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