Water play…for modellers

November 11, 2008

Having purchased a bottle of Woodland Scenics’ Realistic Water, I decided to carry out some experiments before I start making up these swamps and lakes I’ve been thinking of. The swamps I’m thinking of and seen usually have discoloured water, reflecting the rotting vegetation and soil substrate in them. This water is usually tea-brown or a shade resembling the green of a stuffed olive. I decided to try applying the Realistic Water in unison with some Citadel Brown Ink to colour it up / dye it.

The first experiment involved applying the Realistic Water and then dropping the Brown Ink on it. The two don’t mix, then Realistic Water being a denser product, so the Brown Ink just rolled off it and there was now mixing.

The second experiment involved applying the Realistic Water to a puddle of Brown Ink. The Realistic Water pushed the Brown Ink completely out of the way. Again no mixing.

Using the remains of the first experiment, I shook the contents together and tried to get them to mix a bit, then poured them out. Two days later, once everything had fully dried, I had a good look. This had partially worked, but where the Ink was thick, the clarity of the water was not evident. It could just be solid glossy paint. Problem is – Realistic Water shouldn’t be shaken up or even stirred in case you get air bubbles in it that become permanent. This makes mixing hard.

I’ve resolved to do the swamp in this way: undercoat using the Kayak Brown, lay down a thin bed of Field Grass, slop on some Brown Ink, then finally apply the Realistic Water. The Realistic Water may be done in more than one coating, with perhaps some watered down Brown Ink…we’ll see.


Getting ready to do the commanders’ Tigers and the AA vehicles, so sprue washing and undercoating was done during the lovely weather on Sunday. I’m looking forward to assembling the Horch 108’s…MAC kits aren’t easily available and no-one at my club has any of them.


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