RSS – not Royal Steam Ship

November 12, 2008

Having had a think about managing RSS Feeds for some of my favourite wargaming (and roleplaying) webcomics and sites, I decided to look at Voyage. I wanted to set up RSS feeds for Larry Leadhead, Turn Signals on a Land Raider, Order of the Stick and some others.

I was able to delete the preset feeds in Voyage and added in new feeds for what I could (no feed for Larry Leadhead, unfortunately). I wasn’t happy with the results – Voyage seems to be interested in keeping you updated by the hour wheras I wanted to be updated by the day, so I saw nothing that I wanted to (plus the deleted feeds still had their backfiles appearing, which I think needs to be changed. If you Delete something, you Delete it completely, yes?).

I decided to pop in a feed from BBC History just to experiment further. I got a lovely couple of results to do with Armistice Day (in particular this one) so I decided to leave Voyage set up and left it alone for an hour.

When I came back, the “Manage my RSS Feeds” pane had disappeared. A refresh (using Mozilla Firefox) got it back, back now the BBC history feed (“On this day in history”) was only showing results for today, the 12th! My Armistice Day (11th November) results had strangely disappeared.

Another problem I encountered was that there does not seem to be a facility to create your own account to save and personalise.  Because I was using Firefox and have my Cookies and History personalised, when I closed the window and opened up a new one, my searches were all saved. (It even did it in Internet Explorer, so perhaps that is the way to save it?)

I won’t use it again as it’s interface and quirks don’t appeal to me. I don’t want my hobby to involve hourly updates I must keep track of.


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