Why drinking tea leads to better detail on your wargaming tanks

December 20, 2008

I didn’t end up using 6lb fishing line to secure the lichen to those Jagdpanthers…nor did I go into heavier gauged lines that I have, like 15lbs, 25 lbs or even 35lbs. This was because I realised I wanted to have the “wire” or “rope” tied around the lichen – if I painted the fishing line with Shadow Grey first and then tried to tie the fishing line around the lichen, I knew the paint was just going to come straight off. There was no way to paint the Shadow Grey on after tying the line around the lichen first.

I realised that string would be a good substitute for rope at those scales (1:72 & 1: 76). The twine I have in my toolbox was too coarse and shedding its fibres too freely. The different balls of string I saw in newsagents were no better.

While drinking my morning cup of tea at work, I saw the solution right in front of me – to use the string from the teabag. String on teabags? If you’ve no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a picture.

I saved the strings, brought them home, completely immersed them in Flesh Wash to give them a good, dark colour and let them dry. When dry, I tried using one – perfect results.

So all that remains with those Jagdpanthers is to paint on some fresh mud using Vermin Brown, then apply a coat of protective Dullcote, and they are finished.

2 Responses to “Why drinking tea leads to better detail on your wargaming tanks”

  1. Neil said

    When in dout, brew up. Always works. Can’t wait to see the finished results

    • Eastern Funker said

      I’m hoping this platoon will brew up many Allied vehicles in the future…especially those godless Soviets!
      Photos of the finished miniatures to be on this blog before Christmas Day.

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