Washed up, washed out, washed away…

February 13, 2009

In the previous two posts, I mentioned about how I was going to try to replicate various forms of mud and earth. I had decided in between the previous two posts to emphasise water by using ‘Ardcoat gloss varnish. Gloss varnish on wargaming terrain really serves to represent the clarity of water and the shine/reflection you get from it helps to reinforce the idea of light glinting on the water’s surface. For that reason alone, wargaming terrain should never have any gloss varnish anywhere, unless its specifically done on windows or water. Everything else ideally should be matt or dull – hence why I use Testors Dullcote spray varnish to seal much of my terrain – because it’s not glossy (unless you apply too much).

The ‘Ardcoat I used was old, and you’ll recall that I became panicked when well after 24 hours, the places where I had thickly applied it still had a very milky appearance – the varnish had not dried completely clear. In the end, it simply needed more time (and a day of 46 degrees centigrade). So, I obtained more ‘Ardcoat and more inks, in case I had to re-do the ink washes.

Well, this is probably old news to some of you, but Citadel have changed the names of their inks. Chestnut is now called ‘Devlan mud’. Flesh is now called ‘Ogryn flesh’.  You can see them all here. I’ll try to use these new names immediately in this blog…if I don’t, just do the conversions for yourself. It also seems that rationalisation has hit this product line, with Brown Ink no longer being avialable. There is Gryphonne Sepia, but it’s not the Brown Ink at all.

(Hmm. Six months for the new washes to reach my local shop? Wow, I am behind!)


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