MAC Distribution Horch 108 (Kfz. 70) – very initial thoughts

February 16, 2009

Last year I ordered two of MAC Distribution’s 1:72 scale Horch 108 (Kfz. 70) AA heavy cars. Late last year I even washed the sprues in hotwater with detergent, carefully sun-dried them and then undercoated them with Chaos Black spraypaint. February 16 this year – I’ve cut the first pieces from the sprues and begun glueing.

I didn’t get very far due to 1) other hobby commitments and 2) because of the assembly sheet / instructions.The assembly sheet / instructions could be much clearer.

First of all, there is only one angle of perspective given – and the arrows showing where some pieces go are not very clear. A smaller inset diagram showing where the pieces should go from a different perspective would help dispel an uncertain modeller’s fears. Secondly, the sprues themselves have nothing indicating which piece is which. Manufacturers like Revell and Airfix always have little numbers next to each piece on the sprue. Thirdly, and compounding the second difficulty, the same numbering scheme is given twice across three sets of sprues! This means that if you don’t keep looking at the diagram of the four sprues and its key of which piece has which number, you could well be about to glue an ammo magazine on where you are meant to be glueing on a footplate (as I nearly did) – since both pieces are number 20.

Manufacturers like UM have a different letter for each unique sprue and progressive, non-repeating numbering system for each part, as does Roden. Revell just has a progressive, non-repeating numbering system for each part. Because MAC doesn’t, I spent a lot of time flicking back and forward between the diagram of the four sprues and then checking the shape and suitability of which piece I’m about to cut off the sprue and that they match the appearance of the piece in the assembly picture. Gah! I’ll photocopy off that diagram of the sprues, so I don’t have to keep flicking forward and backward.

Two last things – fantastic intricate details on some pieces! Really great quality there! However, excess flash from moulding arms is a bit of a problem on two pieces – as one piece had a “stump” that I thought I might need. In the end, I cut it off as it was for the undercarriage of the vehicle and no-one would see it in gaming if I’d stuffed up. But – I had intended to assemble both cars simultaneously so I could get them finished as a project more quickly. Had to kibosh that idea – I’m completely assembling one car first, then the other.

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