Out of the blue

March 29, 2009

Soooo…I was going to start assembly of the second Horch 108 yesterday, knowing that I was going to have to find a replacement arm to support the AA gun. I was hoping to kitbash one out of spare styrene sheet carefully cut and carved with a scalpel or by cutting and carving a suitable piece off old sprues from other kits (don’t ever through them out, folks!). I glued on a few pieces for the undercarriage and then prepared to do the axles – only to find one of the two axle covers was missing.

I spent a full fifteen minutes looking everywhere. Nope. Gone. No idea where, either. I could’ve sworn I had it when I begun assembly of the first Horch 108.

I even cut open and searched through the vacuum cleaner bag…not there. There were screws, bits of dried polyfiller, dead insects and a curtain rod end, but nothing resembling either missing piece from this kit. Damn.

It doesn’t feel right to assemble a kit without such an important part, even when it won’t be visible during play…so I’ve put that kit away. Hopefully I can pick up an unwanted kit at a swap n’ sell and combine the two to make a perfect kit.

I still need a second AA vehicle. Last year’s IPMS Swap n’ sell at Ashburton saw me purchase a Sd.Kfz. 7/1 20mm AA vehicle. It’s a Revell kit, but the comments over at On the Way! simply state the following: “Re-boxing of Hasegawa’s fairly poor kit. Vinyl tracks.”

Yesterday I washed and dried the sprues. Today I undercoated them with the intention to commence assembly tonight. Looks like it should be a quick kit to assemble. It should do the job as a second AA vehicle for Panzerfaust, too – given so many of our games involve ad-hoc German companies! On Friday night Peter and I had our first game for this year – more of that in other post.

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