Packing down for a go at Italeri’s “PaK 40 AT gun with servants”

April 5, 2009

As I had begun last saturday prepping that SdKfz 7/1 AA halftrack for assembly, I decided last sunday to add to the assembly line my Italeri PaK 40 anti-tank guns. I had already washed, dried and undercoated the sprues many months ago and they had been sitting round idle, staring at me.


They are quick to assemble, but I still took the time to cut them carefully from the sprues, scalpel away any leftover flash and make sure they were all OK.


Just a little glue is needed, and the picture above shows how many parts are required to make one gun.


This third picture was taken after the first round of glueing, making sure the gun and its holding arms and brackets are all OK, plus having done the first part of assembling the gun carriage. Took maybe all of 2 minutes. I then left everything alone for an hour to let the glue set.

The second and final round of glueing was maybe 5 minutes long. The pins to join the gun shield to the gun mounting are too long meaning thier positioning is difficult and fit into sockets tight…and I had to do some wiggling and poking and levering until all was correct – then take the shield off for a moment to apply glue.  Sticking the gun onto it’s carriage requires a bit of oomph…if you trim or file down the large pin that does that, you won’t have to worry about muscle power. Front shield and wheels were no problem.

I’d already drilled out the muzzles, so I was left with four guns just needing their glue to dry and a touching-up with some more Chaos Black undercoat:


Drilling out the muzzles wasn’t so easy. The vinyl-style plastic used for the guns takes scalpels and side-cutters well, but not drills. So I had to work harder than if the guns were made of styrene-style plastic.

Now I can put them aside for a little while, then do the crew (“servants”) and guns all at once.

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