Odds stacked against them, or in a “target-rich environment”?

June 8, 2009

Panzerfaust: Iron Fist, like many wargames, has a points system to help build armies/forces. The points system is then modified by the class of force you wish to use…Veterans being worth more points than untrained/poorly trained Conscripts.

It can be tempting to play games where we both have the same final point value (usually 3000 points). For realism, we don’t always do so.

Still, it can be disheartening when my one German company is always up against two, if not three Soviet companies. It makes it feel as if the Germans can only win if the Soviets consistently roll poorly.The German player has to remember that his troops are better shots and have better communications, which balances the odds.

This video illustrates the morale-sapping effect of facing hordes of Soviet opponents


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