Rust; the Sturmgeschütz

June 21, 2009

My first home-made pot of Rust colour paint is now sitting in my paintbox. It was an all-Citadel affair and was a blend of Brown Ink, Blood Red and Brazen Brass. I also tried Chestnut Ink, Blazing Orange and Brazen Brass but the result was too orange – and that was even with only using a little bit of Orange. The Brown Ink, Blood Red and Brazen Brass blend is a nice reddish rust – I didn’t want an orange rust or brown rust…I wanted a “stereotypical” red iron rust. I made the two blends up simultaneously on my palette (yes, I bought a cheap plastic one from an art & craft shop – great investment when trying to make a new colour) so I was able to guage hues and get exactly what I wanted.

There was no need to try Chestnut Ink, Blood Red and Brazen Brass as I was completely satisfied with what I’d got on this first attempt. There’s something really important I’ve learned about painting and modelling: IF YOU’RE HAPPY WITH IT THE FIRST TIME YOU PAINT IT, THEN LEAVE IT ALONE! To put it another way, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’! I always seem to stuff it up if I try to improve on what I’ve done – jinxing myself, maybe.

I used Ink as one of the ingredients because this has to be a watery paint – I want it to dribble down the sides of what I’m painting; I want runoff to pool nicely.

This new blend was then liberally applied to my T-34/85 terrain piece. On the wheels; where shell hits had dented but not penetrated; around hatches and at the exhausts. That T-34/85 now looks like an old battlefield wreck, not a recent kill…a good inking with one of the new pre-watered Citadel Inks should complete it.

Since my terrain is modular, I also began painting up the sheet of styrene that goes under this piece – if a sizable base of troops move onto the terrain piece, I simply take away the styrene with the tank and flock on it and there below is a flat piece of painted styrene, exact size, representing the scenery, so troops can be positioned perfectly. Maybe next weekend the whole thing will be completed and ready for the camera? The weather will determine this. If it’s like this weekend’s weather, then I apologise in advance for no photos next weekend.


Need a nice website about the Sturmgeschütz assault guns? Have a look at Sturmgeschütze vor! by Tim Keennon. There’s some good information there.

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