One-piece vinyl tracks

July 21, 2009

…really are a pain. Italeri’s 250/3 kit is a direct re-release of the ESCI kit – they haven’t yet got rid of the one-piece vinyl tracks for this kit, as they have with a good number of other kits where you now get solid styrene “length and link” tracks. (Italeri, if you read this, could you please change over all your 1:72 kits to “length and link” tracks, please?)

I also did not follow the instructions for the kit, which recommend that you assemble the wheels and running gears and then glue the one-piece vinyl tracks on, before then glueing all this to the chassis of the vehicle. No, I went and assembled the wheels and running gears and glued them onto the chassis (and congratulated myself for the kit’s assembly moving forward so rapidly!) and then further compounded my error by glueing the mudguards on.

This meant that I wasgoing to have to try to slip, slide and fit the tracks on when everything else was already in place, which significantly reduces the space and room to try to achieve that.  Further, with the wheels and gears already attached to the chassis, getting the tracks in place requires more glue than normal and using lots of broken-up matchsticks and broken-up bamboo satay skewers to push, prop and hold everything into place – which is fiddly and often requires many attempts (plus foul language) until success. If I had instead assembled the wheels and running gears and then glued on the tracks as per the instructions, I could have much more easily and simply clamped the vinyl tracks in place using bulldog clips or clothes pegs – thus saving time, breath and glue.

The kit looks nice, so far. Another blog entry very soon – I have a dispute with the instructions to discuss.


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