Dusty but ready; the Russian BZ-35s

August 11, 2009

It’s taken me a little longer than I thought to complete these, but I learned a few things along the way that I missed with the first one I did a few years ago.

I decided to use my limited Russian Language abilities and realised that I could paint up some more detail on the rear of the refuellers – thanks to this set of blueprints. There are two red stop lights that I could paint up!

Here are all the photos: BZ-35 pair 3quarter 1 BZ-35 pair 3quarter 2

BZ-35 pair front 1 BZ-35 pair rear 1 BZ-35 pair profile 1

I also decided to paint up what I thought was a sign that illuminates when the truck is actually refuelling.

I tried putting on the decals for “Flammable” and “Benzine” which go on the upper tank, but they wouldn’t behave so I was forced to paint the correct word on each. Looks OK – in fact I prefer the amateurish appeal.

Objectives, targets, window dressing…they are ready.

One Response to “Dusty but ready; the Russian BZ-35s”

  1. […] I had recently forgotten what I had said the purpose of my blog was and became a bit worried about how, the readers, would react if I did some work on some Russian stuff. Had I said I would only discuss and display German stuff on my blog? Upon checking a couple of weeks ago, I was relieved to see that this was not the case. I can make Russian stuff…my own rules don’t stop me. During the life of this blog, I have made Russian stuff that is ‘Beute’ (which you read about here) and Russian stuff for my opposing Russian forces to use themselves (which you can see here). […]

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