Bums on seats, or, getting the Italeri WWII German Motorcycles perfectly assembled

October 5, 2009

While preparing the WWII German Motorcycles for assembly, it became evident that I’d struck two problems not mentioned by Plastic Soldier Review.

a) The pillion passengers didn’t sit quite perfectly behind the drivers, which I rectified by cutting off some of the drivers’ kit with a ex-hospital scalpel – off came driver waterbottles and gas mask canisters. Inner legs of passengers were slighlty shaved down. Then the fit was fine.

b) Here was the bigger of the problems – the sidecar occupants wouldn’t fit properly in their sidecars. To be precise, the pin for the sidecar occupant’s bum and the pin for the sidecar occupant’s MG34 wouldn’t both fit into their respective holes simultanously. Here’s a photo of the problem: Italeri sidecars - demo of prob -that’s me forcing the bum pin in to the hole in the sidecar seat. The MG then ends up bent and can not sit properly.

The solution was going to involve some more ‘surgery’ with that scalpel – either pins or holes (or both) were going to have to go. Having already looked at a few re-enactor & restorer BMW R75s on the Internet, I decided to remove the large square block and hole for mounting the MG34 and also the pin on the MG34. Before I make the cut, the pieces look like this: Italeri sidecars before After some cutting and shaving, the sidecar looks a bit different but now the bum pin for the occupant goes into its respective hole perfectly and the MG rests on the sidecar bar perfectly: Italeri sidecars after .

So now all glue could be applied to securely fasten everyone and everything in place. Here’s one comin’ at ya: Italeri sidecars comin' at ya!

Next day, all were undercoated and are now awaiting paint.


2 Responses to “Bums on seats, or, getting the Italeri WWII German Motorcycles perfectly assembled”

  1. Paul said

    Mr Funker what type of glue are you using for this plastic?

    Cheers Paul

    • Eastern Funker said

      Revell’s ‘Contacta Professional – liquid glue for plastics’. Widely available in modelling/hobby shops, even in my local art&craft shop!
      I now use it for all plastic work – I was using something else before, but everyone seems to like the shape of this bottle so now everyone’s stocking Revell instead.

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