Wespe SPG with a coat of Winter whitewash

November 29, 2009

ESCI’s 1/72 Wespe kit. An original, not the recent Italeri re-release. Purchased at a Swap & Sell.

While some lucky AFVs received very solid, evenly applied Winter camouflage coats using air-compressed sprayguns (spraygun seen in use here) many had thinned out or poorly-mixed whitewash applied in varying fashiuons – often using ordinary brushes such as these gents do to their Tiger here, but using brooms and even dipping rags into the mixutre then smacking the rag against the vehicle was not unknown.

The whitewash often didn’t stay on for very long, either, leading to all sorts of streaking and fading. This is what I’ve tried to replicate in this kit.

Overall, this kit was pretty easy to assemble. The rack on the left side for holding jerrycans was not standard-issue, however…therefore if I do up a platoon, most won’t have that rack and they certainly won’t have the spare box that I added on the right.


3 Responses to “Wespe SPG with a coat of Winter whitewash”

  1. Paul said

    More good work, I like that it is an orginal ESCI kit. I doubt if I could justify the expense of an Italeri re-issue.

  2. Eastern Funker said

    Italeri only re-released it in the last 2 months…I think the only other small-scale model kit Wespe available for ages would’ve been the Matchbox 1/76 one (re-issued by Revell when they took over Matchbox).

  3. […] prior attempt at modelling Winter Whitewash, which you can read about in my 29 November 2009 post, Wespe SPG with a coat of Winter whitewash.  Back then, I provided the historical information that “While some lucky AFVs received very […]

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