More with bamboo skewers – a whole wargaming terrain project, in fact!

January 3, 2010

I took an incredible gamble that the “bridge” in the Fujimi /176 Diorama Accessory #38 might work for a quickly assembled timber bridge used for light & medium vehicles right across the Eastern Front – and lost. It’s a timber bridge for individual people only, not vehicles.

While sweeping away the cut-up pieces of bamboo skewers used to get ‘purr-fect’ Panther track sag (yes, I know, puns are very much welcomed here), I suddenly realised that I could use bamboo skewers and thin slices of 1mm sheet styrene to make a wooden/log bridge! So, I’ll do it while waiting for rivers to cure.


Speaking of the Panthers, I’ve finished the Doug Chaltry technique, so last parts of assembly can begin, as well as some preliminary painting.

The lead command Panther will have two crew out of hatches too. That’s going to be interesting.


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