Italeri’s “PaK 40 AT gun with servants” completed in less than a year – yay (and phew)

February 1, 2010

Undercoating to final protective Dullcote varnishing took less than a year – booyah! It was April 2009 when I started. It was January 31 2010 when I finished. They look better than I thought they may, too! Have a look for yourselves:

Some detail of the anti-tank gun platoon commander and his gun: 

In “Panzerfaust: Armoured fist” I can have a platoon of three 7.5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 40’s attached to an infantry company or I can purchase a platoon of four 7.5 cm Panzerabwehrkanone 40’s from a tank hunter battery. That’s why you see four bases of guns. Due to gun size, a crew of four is required. Now, in the Italeri box for this kit (#6096) you get six crew figures, so you are safely covered here. Mixing up the final pose (I only used one crew figure holding binoculars) means I have some sets of spare gunners for other projects.

I’m very happy with the way the camouflaged reversible winter parkas turned out. However, for when I do some Panzergrenadiers, I’ll do the Splinter camouflage pattern a little differently. I think that I have made the green patches/streaks too big on these figures. Have a look:

The Dark Green is the same size as the Dark Brown.

Now have a look at what Richard A. Underwood Militaria advertise. The Dark Green is half to one-third the size of the Dark Brown and are more like stretched hexagons rather than long streaks or long stripes. That is what I have to do for the Panzergrenadiers.

Some quick notes about the scenic effects for the guns that make them look like vignettes or dioramas: I used coarse turf in two colours instead of flock for the thick longer grass. I used Earth Blend flock for the churned-up ground where the crew are working. Woodland Scenics turf and flock are my ‘weapons of choice’.

I used real sticks / twigs found while walking or trout fishing for the logs that each gun is hiding behind.

A quick complaint about the PaK 40 guns themselves – their gun elevation is not 0 degrees or positive degrees – they are all pointing down slightly, their elevation is negative degrees. I suppose you could put some extra stuff under their wheels to raise each gun and get rid of this effect – I didn’t think of it until now – but it would’ve been nice if they had been made properly from the start. Still, for those who haven’t assembled and begun painting yet, you’ve got the chance to take my warning and correct this slight defect.

6 Responses to “Italeri’s “PaK 40 AT gun with servants” completed in less than a year – yay (and phew)”

  1. Stuart said

    Nice work – turned out better than mine! One thing amusing is the commander with his arm in the air – who is he waving at? The gun layer is looking through the sight so can’t see him and waits for a spoken command. The ammo loaders don’t need a hand signal either, so why do they make this mistake all the time?

    It’s a hold-over, copied from propaganda photos and images of field artillery where the gun commander raises his arm to signal the command post behind him that the gun is loaded, laid and ready to fire….it has absolutely no use in an anti-tank position where everyone should be hiding!

    Of course these guys do make useful infantry leader conversions – better than the old “peaked cap & pistol” guy!

    • Eastern Funker said

      I think that it’s that very symbolism that makes manufacturers turn out that pose. I personally like what Caeser do with their commander figures in terms of realism and pose – such a lovely contrast to Airfix and others where the officer is in parade dress and firing their pistol without aiming it too much!

  2. Paul said

    Awesome work, I would not be too concerned with the time lag issue…this is supposed to be a hobby isn’t it?

    • Eastern Funker said

      It is! We’ve been having a warm dry spell here too like yourselves and this house holds heat well past sundown, leaving me less like feeling like working on modelling.
      It is good to get them onto the wargames table and actually use them though! I fdeel terrible when I have too many different things on the go at once.

  3. Stuart said

    Oddly enough, it took a me a year to get around to finishing mine too!

    • Eastern Funker said

      I probably had them for a whole year before even starting them…I got them soon after they came out and left them alone as it was more important to get those ACE PaK 38’s done first…

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