Customising my Citadel Battlemat

February 9, 2010

I finally got around to customising my Citadel Battlemat on Sunday. It was a hot (but not too hot, just a few degrees centigrade over 30), with plenty of sun and the lightest of breezes…perfect weather for quickly drying things, especially cloth and material.

I had two pots of Citadel’s Dark Green Ink (now sadly now longer being manufactured) which I lightly diluted. I laid the Battlemat out on two plastic dropsheets, put the ink into the reservoir of an old Badger 250 spraygun (the type for airbrushing large stencils, not doing fine cammo paint shemes on tanks) and sprayed the ink on.

Here’s how it looks now:

It dried up nicely. The ink hasn’t hardened the fine fibre surface much, which was great! I was scared it might and thus crack or flake off when it was time to fold up the mat for storage.

My uniform green mat now looks a little more irregular and in my eyes, truer to life.

Now to get a game organised with someone…


7 Responses to “Customising my Citadel Battlemat”

  1. Jesse said

    Have they ceased making all citadel Inks or just some colours? i saw some boced sets of inks in a local hobby shop i think there were 8 pots in the box for about $35AUD

  2. Jesse said

    Ahhh yes there the ones i have seen they are the ones that dont dry from the outer edge inward and dont leave circle stains i have seen them used before. thanks for the link

  3. Paul said

    Nice looking mat mate, cannot wait to see some game reports!

  4. […] the description of actions, you’ve been able to see my customised battlemat in action, which I wrote about here. I think the customising has helped it – the darker green suggests where there are different […]

  5. What are your thoughts on the battlemat itself? Does it hold up will to regular gaming?

    • Eastern Funker said

      That’s a good question, Brian, and I can’t answer it from lots of direct experience….until Trainee Funker arrived last year, I would use it on average 8 times a year. I woulkd always carefully fold it at the end of each game and store it appropriately; I would not let plates of food or containers of beverages rest on it or people’s bums sit on it – and it still looks new.
      My colleague Peter, who is involved in wholesale and retail of wargaming stuff, recommended it in preference to other battlemats. I used to have a Geo-Hex battlemat ten years ago (desert colour) and it couldn’t be foldred – you had to roll it up and keep it in a 4-foot-long plastic tube and use clips to hold it to the table). I’m very happy with mine and it alwaysgets positive comments from those who haven’t seen a painted battlemat before; but others may not be so happy with thiers. I am advised that the folding is crucial…don’t fold the flock side in on itself too much or it deteriorates.

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