Hob-e-tac and Panthers

February 20, 2010

I’ve commenced my next Hob-e-tac experiments a little early – last saturday I started a non-WWII project that is being done concurrently to my Panther tanks (like that’s not ever happened before!) and today I was up to the glueing stage.

Today is very warm (33.8 degrees centigrade as I’m typing this) so it was perfect for glueing. I applied to Hob-e-tac thickly to felt (and gave it almost two coats) and then left if for an hour (instead of the recommended 15 minutes). After the hour I applied flock and static grass and pressed them firmly into the Hob-e-tac with the heel of my hand.  Tomorrow afternoon (I’m giving it 24 hours to cure, as has ben done previously) I’ll be able to see how well the terrain materials adhered and if the glue is still tacky.


The camouflage for the Panthers was completed last weekend – dark green disruption stripes over DunkelGelb.

Now it’s up to the fiddly detail, which is probably why I’ve been procrastinating with these kits lately. Spare track links have been done today as were towing cables. The tools shouldn’t be much of a problem and the extra stowed items (tarps, barrels, jerry cans, buckets) should be pretty simple.

What I need to get right is the shadowing I do around hatches and the forward MG ball mount. I use Citadel’s Black Ink watered down to only 25% and with a fine brush (10/0 or 20/0) just put a thin line around hatches and joins in the metal to provide depth through shadowing. Usually I make mistakes and the ink spreads too much and I have to go back and redo the colours underneath. I should really just bite the bullet and do it all tonight and let it dry overnight so I can continue with the other easier detail all tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Hob-e-tac and Panthers”

  1. Have you tried the new wash that citadel has released i know a lot of plastic modllers who are using it for shading etc

  2. Eastern Funker said

    Do you mean the “Radab Black” premixed ink? I’ve got it and used it once or twice – it’s really watered down.
    I don’t use the ‘miracle dip’ technique or products like that.

  3. I am not sure what its called i am going into town today to get some, i believe it comes in a 250ml tin.

    I will let you know when i get back with it.


  4. As promised i bought some of that wash lol.

    It is called quickshade fromt he army painter and comes in a 250ml tin and has 3 shades in different tins of course lol.

    They are soft tone, strong tone, dark tone. I have the dark tone.

    visit there website at http://www.THEARMYPAINTER.COM for further info. I havent ried it e but will soon.


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