Victory! – explained

March 4, 2010

As promised, here is the battle report from last friday.

The setting was Operation Barbarossa or just after, so it was Summer to early Autumn 1941, somewhere on the northern part of the Eastern Front. There was a light Westerly wind, no precipitation.

The scenario was Attack/Defense, with my Germans defending a town they had recently “liberated”. The objective for the Russians was the major two storey (Italeri) Country House with Porch.

The map for the night:

Detail of the town centre:

Turn One: My concealed and dug-in 50mm mortars hit part of a Platoon.   Peter was playing Soviet forces whom were Poor Conscripts – normally he plays troops who are Reliable Conscripts. He tested the rest of the Company’s Morale for this loss of 6-8 men…and with a low roll and brutal Morale system, found the whole Company retreating immediately! Wow!

Everywhere else he was able to advance.

My two MMG teams now let rip from the vegetable patch.

They hit another Company and inflicted some casualties, but their Morale test was fine. In return, they attracted mortar fire. Then Peter’s offboard artillery landed on the edge of a dug-in Platoon but no-one was hurt. End of Turn. Gasps! I’m doing well.

Turn Two: My mortars failed to have any effect. His mortars fail to upset my MMGs. In reply, the MMGs kill another Squad – again Peter’s Morale test is fine.

The offboard artillery again fail to uproot my defenders.

Amazingly, Peter concedes at this point. I offered to keep going, but he explained why he wished to concede:

  • his troops can only advance, not advance and shoot, each turn ;
  • my MMGs chew up a Squad each turn;
  • he’s already lost an Infantry Company, one of two;
  • he’s only got 2/3 of an Infantry Company left and two field gun Companies, which won’t be enough to get to the objective.

We shake hands on this and then we prepare for a rematch, but with Reliable Conscript Soviets coming at me instead.

For once, I had a “proper” victory.

I lost the second game, though ^_^

I’m hoping that as you’ve looked at the photos accompanying the description of actions, you’ve been able to see my customised battlemat in action, which I wrote about here. I think the customising has helped it – the darker green suggests where there are different grasses/crops/weeds/possibly boggy ground and also gets rid of the uniform ground colour which really stands out when you place terrain/scenery pieces on it or based figs where much love has been put into ‘sculpting’ the ground for each base.

Back in October last year I wrote about how I made my own smoke puffs and smoke clouds for wargaming, here and here. Well, during the second game Peter laid down a smokescreen to cover his advancing Russians – here’s a photo of my smoke clouds doing their duty on the table:

They look great, if I do say so myself.


3 Responses to “Victory! – explained”

  1. Paul said

    Really good report with some nice shots. Yep the mat and smoke are looking awesome.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Thanks, Paul. Your mate’s biplane is spectacular! and I love your idea about basing for painting – bottle caps! Simple but brilliant! I use empty film cannisters, but they fall over if I hold the priming spraycan too close to them. Bottlecaps would remove that problem! Do you use bottlecaps sold for home brewing, or are you collecting them as you indulge?

  2. Oustanding report adding the pictures helped me understand the game and moves easier.

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