Germany’s answer to the brilliant T-34 medium tank…

March 17, 2010

…was the Panther. Here are my seven Panthers, built from now out-of-production (OOP) 1/72 Revell kits #031070389 (Panther Ausf. D/Ausf. A) & #031590389 (Panther & Deutsche Fallschirmjäger).

A whole platoon plus two company command vehicles. Star aerials/umbrella aerials are having to wait until I get thin enough brass wire.

Mine are based on a very famous GrossDeutschland Panther…you can find it in the Bundesarchiv. Do a search for:  Bild 101I-712-0498-34

You should only get one result…and it’s a photo in many German armour books.


5 Responses to “Germany’s answer to the brilliant T-34 medium tank…”

  1. nicely detailed and weathered great paint job 🙂

  2. Paul said

    Ah the lure of the big cats…I am jealous, well done!

  3. Do you want to run a Kursk style Panther attack upon Soviet AT guns and entrenched infantry to use these, or a tank clash vs T-34/76 supported by SU-122/152? We haven’t tried a German attack against Soviet AT guns before, have we?

  4. Eastern Funker said

    We did a game early last year or late 2008 where I had a Platoon of Tigers in a company of mechanised infantry, and you had some AT guns as part of your two companies.
    Last year we did the horrendously high AV game where I had Jagdpanthers, Tigers and StuGs versus your T-34/85s, SU152s and others.

    I think a Kursk-style game would be best.

  5. […] 22, 2010 Back in March this year my Panthers rolled off the production line at Tankoberg and I gave you all a good look at them. I mentioned that aerials would have to wait until I had more supplies of brass […]

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