How green was my river sections

April 7, 2010

The caulk river project meanders along…yes, I know, a pun. Anyway, it’s not forgotten, just not being done regularly.

Coarse flock from Heki was applied during the weekend, and tonight I applied small green bushes and also some lichen. The coarse green flock is to represent water margin plants, mosses and other small but usually bright green plants on or immediately next to water. The darker green bushes are just artistic flourishes and to ensure the riverbanks aren’t monotonous. The lichen is for larger bushes and thickets of plants like Blackberry.


Materials used over the last few days:

  • Streumaterial #3312 Hellgrun 85g – by Heki
  • Dark green Bushes – by Woodland Scenics
  • Spring green Lichen – by Woodland Scenics
  • Coarse Natural Talus – by Woodland Scenics

Medium green Field Grass (by Woodland Scenics) was used earlier for the reeds/rushes and has been stated a couple of times already on this blog both in this project and a previous one, real twigs are used to represent logs, stumps etc.


3 Responses to “How green was my river sections”

  1. Timbo 74 said

    They look fantastic. I need to make some for my 28mm and 10mm armies so I’ll be watching this thread closely for ideas to ummm… “borrow” 🙂

    Great work.

    • Eastern Funker said

      Heh, you won’t be “borrowing” because I’m just working through what Nikolas Lloyd has already done and posted online at !
      I’m just providing my own commentary as I try to copy his instructions and examples…

      I will remind you though, it took me 4 1/2 hours to lay and shape all that caulk to do the river banks…twice as long as I’d thought.

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