How green was my river sections 2

April 13, 2010

Just waiting for a sunny/no-threatening-precipitous-clouds day to get a good, heavy protective coat of Dullcote on to the river sections, which currently look like this:

To represent sand bars and sandy riverbanks, I glued on builders’ sand that I found left behind where some housing renovations were going on. The sand was probably being used for mortar (the renovations involved brick walls) or for concrete…I don’t know. Sand is a handy modelling substance to have around! Good for terrain and also good to thicken PVA glue.

Here’s some detail of the sand on the river sections:

Once the Dullcote is on, dried and keeping all that flock and other plant-modelling material thoroughly stuck down, I can paint on the actual water.

I’m not spraying Dullcote on to the water as I will be using ‘Ardcoat as the final stage of painting the water – a glossy finish where the water flows is a must. Dullcote will matt the ‘Ardcoat (deaden the gloss finish), so the Dullcote must go on now. If flock and terrain material come off later, then tough.


5 Responses to “How green was my river sections 2”

  1. Paul said

    Looking good, did not know it rained in Oz…amazing! This river is a real labour of love by the sound of it. You must be enjoying it!!!

    • Eastern Funker said

      Mercifully, Melbourne’s 10 year drought is almost over and we are getting rain again. I remember as a primary school kid when we used to get 2-3 consecutive days of constant rain…

  2. Timbo said

    Great work, I can tell they’re going to look fantastic on the table.


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