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April 20, 2010

While waiting for good weather to seal my river sections with Dullcote prior to painting on the water, I was browsing my colleagues’ blogs (which you’ll find listed down at the bottom of this blog).

Tim of “Tim’s wargaming stuff” had a stunningly brilliant post about basing model trees that have no bases. Model trees with no bases have been a terrain bugbear of mine ever since I formally commenced wargaming. Well, Tim has shot, boxed and buried this bugbear for me in one neat blog entry, forever laying it to rest. Best of all, the brilliance of it is in its simplicity and cheapness.

Why a bugbear? This is becuase it’s usually cheaper to purchase model trees from model railway shops and the cheapest ones there don’t have any bases, just a trunk that is a spike – because you are meant to insert/thrust the ‘trunk-spike’ into the foam base of your model railroad diorama and leave it there forever. They have no means of support to enable them to stand on their own.

It’s possible to make your own model trees at home using a manual drill, florist’s wire and bristles/twine – but again, you end up with a baseless ‘trunk-spike’ and so, to get the tree to stand up on its own, you have to come up with way of fixing it to a horizontal flat surface. When I’ve done this, I’ve constructed pre-made bases of modelling clay which took more time, cost and effort than I felt was necessary. I was also thinking that there had to be a better way – but all I could think of was either:

  • buying cast-pewter model tree bases from a model railway shop, or
  • buying other model trees second-hand, cutting off the trunk and crown of each tree and then grafting on the trunk and crown of my own desired tree.

Well, Tim has sorted out all my troubles with his simple, cheap, nearly-effortless and brilliant method! Tim, my hat’s off to you, sir! My E-bay tree armatures can now be easily based (once I go to our next club sale night and buy some slotta bases).

Enough from me – go read his blog entry!


2 Responses to “Tim’s wargaming stuff – a brilliant bit of stuff”

  1. Timbo said

    Hey Wow! Thank you. Honestly if even *some* of my ramblings and my haphazard adventures through wargaming have proved useful to someone else then I’m a happy wargamer.

    Plus it makes me feel less guilty about borrowing all those great ideas from your site 🙂


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