Eastern Funker vs. Painting river sections: Round 3 – fight!

May 1, 2010

So, a week later and it’s back to the rivers.

As was stated in the previous post, I was going to have to correct some errors and do a little re-working. I did both of those and learned something along the way…which is that next time, I’m not going to let paints mingle whilst wet like Mr Lloyd does. Sure, I had a lot of success, but the errors were not worth it and in correcting those errors, everything had to look uniform…which meant effectively having to repaint everything. Mr Lloyd’s technique is too strong for me with a project like this!

I had luck using his “mingle-while-wet” technique with one-shot projects like ponds and a lake for another wargaming system & scale. This time I didn’t. I’ll keep it for one-shot projects like lakes…not a multi-part project like this.

OK, so today I began by repainting the deepest water, using pure Orkhide Shade (and a mix of Orkhide Shade and Black for the lake): . This was the easiest and quickest stage.

Next came painting on the second deepest water, which was mostly Orkhide Shade with a little Knarloc Green: .

The third deepest water (or middle band/layer of depth) was about 60% Orkhide Shade / 40% Knarloc Green: .

The fourth stage was to do the second shallowest (or fourth deepest water). This was probably 65% Knarloc Green / 35% Orkhide Shade : and I also streaked / used a nearly dry brush to get some lighter of the same colour on where the pure Knarloc Green was from before, just to give a little more variation, differentiation and most importantly, realism.

The shallowest water is the pure Knarloc Green (with the occasional highlighting touch with Goblin Green) left from the previous two days spent painting. In other words, I didn’t have to anything this time!

I don’t know why I thought in my previouspost that correcting everything would take days. It only took two hours. Perhaps this project is just dragging on for me? Anyway, it’s over 4/5 finished – I’m close now.

Tonight I’m just doing the soil and mud at the fords and adding a little flock onto two drops of Orkhide Shade which accidently fell on previously-laid flock.

Time permitting, tomorrow I can commence the ‘Ardcoat varnishing / water’s surface.


3 Responses to “Eastern Funker vs. Painting river sections: Round 3 – fight!”

  1. Your work is amazing keep up the detailed explanations they certainly help me with some minor hurdles when i am doing my dioramas..


    • Eastern Funker said

      Thanks for your praise but I seriously don’t deserve it.
      Have a look at this guy’s work…this is what I think deserves praise.

      If I’m giving you ideas, then great – but I’m just trying to share my successes and failures with various things as do my colleagues on the blogs I link to.

  2. […] Episode 9:  Eastern Funker vs. Painting river sections: Round 3 – fight! […]

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