Eastern Funker vs. Painting river sections: “finish him!!!”

May 9, 2010

The first layer of ‘Ardcoat gloss varnish went on during the week and I was sure to give it a minimum of 24 hours to thoroughly dry. I foolishly gave the bottle of  ‘Ardcoat too vigorous a shaking before application, as some small bubbles remained in the varnish and did not rise to the surface and pop, so now they are locked in the first coat for eternity.

Next time I’ll simply give it the bottle a damn’d good stirring instead of shaking it and getting all those little bubbles into it.

So, here’s how all the sections are looking: .

The different depths of the lake now look a bit more distinct, which is a shame: . However, the effect of ripples, eddies and  water flow has come out quite nicely, as you can see here: and here:  .

Depending on where the main source of light comes from, you get different effects, a bit like real water: and the differences between the surface and the depths can look quite effective as you can see here: and here: .

I’ll put a second coat of ‘Ardcoat on tomorrow night or so, but I’m not sure I’ll put a third one on. I don’t think it’ll need it as I’m putting the ‘Ardcoat on very thickly. I can only decide about the third layer of ‘Ardcoat when I see it at daylight…the evening under artifical light in my little hobby room is not proper viewing conditions – one of the few times that I can’t be certain about my painting effects and be sure when i’m finished.


9 Responses to “Eastern Funker vs. Painting river sections: “finish him!!!””

  1. Paul said

    Hey mate, this is really turning in to a labor of love. It is pleasing to see such great results are being acheived,although I hope you won’t be too scared to use it in combat.

    Well done.

  2. Outstanding work perhaps you should sell these via the internet. excellent work

    • Eastern Funker said

      Dunno. I could do lakes and swamps and bogs, they aren’t too hard and are quicker too. River sections take more thought, precision and time (for some reason).

  3. Thanos said

    Magnificent work mate!

    Really inspiring!!

  4. […] Episode 10:  Eastern Funker vs. Painting river sections: “finish him!!!” […]

  5. Awesome lake and river sections. Can’t wait to put these things into action. We could use the river in a game with a few fords, maybe have a Panther/Tiger assault against Soviet AT gun defenses?

  6. Eastern Funker said

    I’m thinking of an “outside Leningrad” scenario with infantry. Streams, swamps, difficult terrain…
    Anywhere I suppose from 1941-1943.

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