“On the Volkhov” – eyewitness photographs

May 31, 2010

While getting ready for the second Panzerfaust: Armoured Fist game of the year, my research led me to a blog with a number of sets of eyewitness photographs.

I was searching for photographs of the terrain surrounding Leningrad, hoping to recreate one of the many actions that occurred during the 900 day siege of Leningrad. Skoblin’s “On the Volkhov” blog has only three months of content on it, but the content is pure gold – it’s a collection of  (translated into English!) eyewitness recollections and eyewitness photographs from both sides of the conflict.

The two blog entries that I found very useful were these:

1942 German 291st Infantry Division – Photogallery II


1942 4th SS Police Division – Photogallery II

which have German soldier eyewitness photographs of the Thaw (Spring) around Leningrad in 1942.  The former is of fighting around Chudovo – Chudovo is 100km southeast of Leningrad. I’m going to use both of the sets of photos to try to come up with suitable terrain and a suitable map for an infantry game in 1942.


5 Responses to ““On the Volkhov” – eyewitness photographs”

  1. Paul said

    Nice link mate.

  2. skoblin said

    Thanks for posting a link to my blog. Glad there are those out there who may find it useful. Cheers, skoblin

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