Storing rivers

June 13, 2010

I’ve been grappling with how to store my river sections. In making them so nice, they aren’t as sturdy as they could be – I don’t want the “reeds” (modelling grasses) to be flattened or bent out of shape. I can’t pile the sections all on top of each other! They have to be treated carefully.

I’ve resorted to storing them in A3 photocopy paper boxes, with cut-down lids from smaller boxes stacked inside them. Sections rest on the resulting fllors or trays, with nothing squashing anything. Everything’s happy, it’s just a bit of a bulky way to do it. There’s probably a better way, but it involves money, which I don’t want to spend right now – not with a major swap & sell on tomorrow, at any rate.

I might provide some photos to help you see what I’m doing…maybe tomorrow or in a few days.


2 Responses to “Storing rivers”

  1. Paul said

    Mate, nothing wrong with A3 boxes, let us know what you find at the swap and sell…

  2. Paul said

    Blimey that went though !!!, first time in weeks that commenting with your site has been hassle free, whoo hoo!

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